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  • Various Humorous Garden signs

    Various signs, available as either a garden stake or to hang.


    Options include...

    • Intelligence tells you it's raining.  Experience keeps you dry
    • I fought the lawn & the lawn won
    • Make compost not war
    • Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
    • Beware builder's bottom
    • If you can read this... get off the grass
    • Silence is golden, farts are funny
    • Caution!  Blonde thinking
    • Sometimes I wake up grumps, others days I leave him in bed
    • Gardeners like to fork around in the garden
    • Smile
    • Can be posted for postage costs.  


                                     £1 each 2 for £1.50

    • Shipping Available

      Please call ahead for a quote on shipping. We have our own delivery service​ and can deliver for a small charge to cover fuel costs.  If you do call to arrange delivery with us, the cost will be handled separately.

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